No, Compromise!

Imagine being a self sufficient, independent, ambitious, educated and confident woman. Then, you fall in love with a man that compromises your values and ambitious to build a stronger relationship and/or family.

Is love worth compromising?

In America, the divorce rate has been consistently at 50%; with those high divorce numbers, I wonder did they compromise themselves? Of course, there are several things that should be compromised such as economical, health and anything will benefit you all as couple. However, in a new relationship compromising yourself should not be a discussion. A lasting relationship should be a priority, not just any relationship.

When entering a relationship, make sure that your partner builds you up. Relationships are partnerships and investments, make sure your invest is profitable not only monetary but also for your self growth. Knowing when a relationship is a short sell or a long term investment when investing your time, will help you navigate your dating life better. Build a dating portfolio like you would an investment portfolio, make sure to diversify your dating for a better investment.






One comment

  1. I agree that all deal breakers should be put out in the open from the very beginning. To many people spend the early days of the relationship being what they think the other person wants but when things get serious then they want to settle in and talk logistics. My husband and I were very open with each other from day one and it set the tone for our relationship. We will be celebrating our 6 year anniversary this year =)


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