Receiving relationship advice from a man?

HELL NO! Well, not exclusively. My humble opinion, which you ask for, men not only give misguided advice, they also take zero accountability for the out come!!!

Men, always say “don’t listen to your friends they just want you to be miserable and single like them.” Let’s be clear if you have true friends, they are not only objective and protective of you they should always want the best for you. I’m currently single and I only give objective advice to information that I have been give by my friends, family or anyone asking for advice. Now, if you only provide information while you are venting to your friends about petty shit. Well, of course they are going to tell you to leave that petty guy.

Also, have you read my blog? I give pretty good advice! Compare my blog to any relationship advice man and I give you options. Most men relationships advisors tell you what you should or shouldn’t do, which can be a bit confusing. Men, try to reflect their wants and needs on to other women. It’s better to be objective and personable without being critical and hurtful.

Receiving advice from anyone, even a professional, shouldn’t be your only reference point. In my opinion if you’re single, get several opinions about dating because men may only give you a certain perspective and women will give you another.

But above everyone’s advice and opinions is your own. Be confident in who you are because single or in a relationship you define you.


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