Review: HeyThere Dating App

Tinder, Bumble, Match, and OkCupid are just a few of the many dating apps out there for singles. Dating apps can be a hit or miss. I tried Bumble because two of my former co-workers met their current girlfriends on there. But, I also tried Tinder which was a total fail. The only dating app that worked for me was Soulswipe. I met a few good guys up there, nothing serious.

Can you find a serious relationship on a dating app? Yes, I have met people who are in serious relationships with someone they met through a dating app. It takes someone determined and serious to weed through the crowd to find that person. It’s all about being open and honest.

From experience, dating apps can be a source to meet new people and just have fun. If you’re new to a city or are visiting a new city, dating apps are great tools to find cool or weird people to hang out with. However, because of the convenience and casualness of dating apps, the expectations for anything serious is very low.

When joining a dating app what are you looking for? When I first join a dating app my intention is to find someone serious to date. I use dating apps because I’m more comfortable choosing to talk to someone than a random person approaching me. Usually, when I’m approached by a guy I feel uncomfortable and not interested. When going to the grocery store or out with friends, I am not open to having a conversation. Dating apps allows you the opportunity to talk to someone that may pass you by on the street. Here are some examples of what ends up happening to me on dating apps:

1. We exchange numbers, text off and on for weeks but never meet in person. We eventually stop texting and move on in our lives.
2. Texting last a little longer and we start following each other on social media. But never meet, still friends on Facebook.
3. Plans to meet are made but one of us cancel. We never meet but like and write under each other’s posts on social media.
4. We meet! But, only once maybe a couple of times. Nothing substantial

How can dating apps become a useful tool for those serious about dating?

1. Remove the swipe capability. It’s to fast and easy. The person you just swipe left could be your future partner but you swipe left because of bad lighting and angle.
2. Match people based on common interest and ‘about me’ instead of location. The nearby capability of dating apps make it seem like a booty call.
3. Have an expiration time/date on matches. This will allow people to get more serious about who they have been match with, time is of the essence.
4. After a certain number of matches one person has made, they should be taking out of the pool. Once a person has connected with five people, their profile shouldn’t be visible to others.


HeyThere App is a new dating app that allows you to invite your friends to help you pick matches. This is a great idea! Personally, I’m always talking about a guy I’m interested in to my friends. But, not only can they choose new matches for you, they can also read conversations that you and a match are having without your match knowing. Just the other day my sister joined a dating app, I suggested and while I was on the phone with her she was commenting on every guy. If she was on HeyThere, I could see all the potential matches for her without her describing them. I recently got the opportunity to try the app for myself.

The HeyThere layout is similar to all the other apps, one exception the ‘send this profile to a friend’ button. The added bonus allows you to send profiles to a friend you think would be a better match. Adding my profile was simple, I just created a profile with my Facebook profile. Many other dating apps allow this but on HeyThere you can invite friends to join. Maybe, your wingman or wing woman could help you with your online dating.

Inside tip from the creator of HeyThere: A verifying badge will be added in the coming months. The badge will allow those that use the app reassurance that their matches are not “catfish”.

My personal feedback of HeyThere app.
1. You can use your friends and family to help you navigate the online dating app. I really like this feature because other people, especially when dating, can always see things you can not.
2. Sending profile matches to friends. Once your friends join, you can send matches that are not right for you to them!
3. Easy to access and create a profile. I did not have to type in my email address or a password.

1. Not a lot of matches. HeyThere is a brand new dating. Because it’s new, not a lot of people have join in my area making the match pool small.
2. Visually, HeyThere looks just like all the other apps. When something is similar it will be compared, HeyThere should not want to be compared to Tinder.


Overall, I think HeyThere is a great dating app. The creators are thinking outside the box to improve upon the casualness of dating apps. All dating apps are not intended to be hookup flings, some people are searching for serious relationships. The only setback is that the app is so new that there are not many matches to choose from. Once more people join HeyThere will be the go to dating app!




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  1. Patty Zen · September 18, 2017

    This is very informational! Luckily, I don’t have to use these things!


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